Just want you to know ...


I'm sorry for not having any update for long time, you know, life keeps calling me. But I have sent all the January stuff to the people at GOS and they will have the new torrent to be available soon. Sorry that I can't upload the files to the asian host right now. Maybe their servers are having some problems and the upload speed is extremely low. I will update the download link beside torrent later, in case you don't want to use torrent. So I put the link to GOS here if you want to use torrent:


There's also another blog that share some featured TSR stuff. In case you don't want to wait for me too long, you can go there. But the blog doesn't have all pay items, just some.


If you want Newsea hair, you can go to simscave:


And last, I will NOT take request any more. I will upload ALL the FA stuff, so you don't need to make any request.

Wish y'all a great weekend.


The new blog


If you cannot access ThePirateBay.org or cannot download from torrent due to your ISP blocking, I will help send you only a FEW items that you really need. If you want more than that, you can use proxy to download. Here's a tutorial about proxy.

If you don't know how to use torrent:
You will need BitTorrent or ĀµTorrent or other torrent software of your choice to download. Install one of those software, then download the torrent file above, open it, it'll show you all the items it contains, you can choose which items you like, then choose where to save your download, then click Ok. There's also plenty of tutorials for torrent available on Youtube.