** A new update for NewSea **


Rightnow, I think I HATE NewSea even more than TSR. All Newsea did recently really disgusted me. She is so damn UNREASONABLE and GREEDY.
3$ for a virtual hair? I can buy a song in iTunes store for only 99cents. And a song requires more energies, time, people, intelligence,..etc to create than a freaking virtual game object.
TSR only asks for 10$ for a month and I can get as many as I want. But with 10$, I can't even get 5 items from Newsea. Her price is even more higher than the EA Store. You can get 1000pts for 10$ to download bunch of stuff.
And what rights does she have to stalk people through trackers??? Not only violating the EULA and other's privacy like that, she even pull their names on her frontpage publicly and call them thieves!!! What a bitch! (or son of a bitch, if Newsea owner is a male, if so I'll be dying laughing, just look at that website lol.) Sometimes I think, how much would she like if she's having someone stalking on her and then telling people publicly her identity and stating that she's a thief?
But she doesn't even know what a thief mean. Did these people hacking her site or in someway snatched her stuff without paying her money?
She shared people personal information like this just because they think paying for some pixels to appear in a game is wrong. She just makes herself losing MORE potential customers, shows a HUGE disrespect toward the gamer community and makes people HATE her more.
And what is the reason for her to charge money for virtual stuff??? Hosting?? Site bandwidth?? NO, NO, and NO. Her site is only a blog created from a free service that everybody can make one (http://hi.baidu.com).
And you know how much Newsea charge people in China for a hair? Only about 1.25$, but for foreigners it's 3$.
These goddamn paysites are so disgusting and they should be really ashamed, very very ashamed.

Well here you go, grab all you want and share these to your friends who want them too. The Lilio hair will be upload later when I get them :). If you want other old donate hair, check out at SimsCave.

p/s:Please DON'T ask or request me stuff from NewSea. TSR is enough!!! And I'm sorry for all the bad language above, she deserves more than that. Wish you guys a great weekend :) Anybody excite about the EP release on Monday?